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Dude, Dell’s No Longer Bitchin’

First Jeff Jarvis launches an all out assualt on Dell. Now Sun Microsystems is getting in to the act. Sun Censored but Not Silent Top business publications refused to run our bold ad concepts because the headlines were thought too controversial. At Sun, we’re the radical engineers that build “ass-whoopin” technology – we’re not Miss […]

Not The Same Old News

The New York Times: The biggest problem in the newspaper industry is capturing readers between 18 and 34 years old, and now The Associated Press is looking to tackle that problem head on. On Monday, the 157-year-old wire service is to start its “younger audience service,” offering articles and “experiences” in multimedia formats, with audio, […]

Change My Oil Dave

USA Today: In its quest to make cars more like futuristic computer Hal 9000, OnStar, General Motors’ in-car telecommunications system, now will give owners e-mail updates from their vehicles reporting problems or reminding about maintenance needs, officials said Tuesday. The service will tell car owners how long they have until they need to change the […]

American Knows Why You Fly. That’s Comforting.

I like to see Lewis Lazare upset by a weak ad campaign. Seriously, it’s a fun way to start the day. Much as it pains us to say so, American Airlines is sticking with the mantra “We Know Why You Fly” that the carrier introduced a year ago in an ad campaign from TM Advertising […]

A Casting Call For Account Advisors

Ernie Schenck turned his CA column over to Neil French this issue. The results are hilarious and didactic. There’s a Confucian saying that “he who asks humbly teaches how to refuse.” Well, “submitting” ads for approval is demanding refusal plus a damn good hiding, in my view. And while we’re meandering down this side-road, why […]


Widespread Panic is podcasting, or Panicasting, as the case may be. Their first effort is a discussion between bass player Dave Schools and lead guitarist George McConnell. The 56-minute segment also includes live and unreleased music from the band’s recent Dallas, TX performance. Click here for the iTunes link. Or here if you want to […]

A New Marketing Service

“Anybody who pays big agency money to make blogs for them is either a fool, or is being ripped off. Just my opinion.” –Hugh MacLeod While I tend to enjoy Hugh’s take on things, on the above point I couldn’t disagree more. Time is money, even in this post-Cluetrain epoch. A well constructed marketing blog, […]

Sites’ New Site

The New York Times: Lloyd Braun, the former chairman of ABC’s entertainment group who now oversees Yahoo’s expanded media group in Santa Monica, has hired Kevin Sites, a veteran television correspondent, to produce a multimedia Web site that will report on wars around the world. The Web site, called “Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone” […]