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Mothers, Don’t Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Halley Suitt is not lovin’ the Army’s pitch. Given that she has a son, it’s perfectly understandable. Sometimes while watching the evening news on TV, I have to grab my head on both sides, and start screaming, because the things they say are so HORRIFYING, I think the evening news is being penned by Stephen […]

Zima’s Maltdown

Westword: I figured I was up for some experimentation. I’m secure in my own identity and all, but I’m also a young guy in his prime. So why not try something a little risque? Truth be told, I was malt-curious. And the Nob Hill Inn on East Colfax Avenue seemed like the perfect place to […]

Let’s Debate Internet Explorer’s Handling Of MIME Types

Gentleman Rancher Causes Consternation

According to The Washington Post, David E. Lipson–a multimillionaire entrepreneur who was once chairman of Frederick’s of Hollywood–wants to trademark “The Last Best Place,” a phrase associated with Montana, where the tycoon has a ranch. If Lipson has his way his various companies would have exclusive commercial use of “The Last Best Place” as a […]

BBDO: It’s Everywhere You Want To Be

Fast Company Senior Writer, Linda Tishler, sat down with BBDO’s David Lubars and Phil Dusenberry. Here are some of the more poignant revelations. Dusenberry says the ability to stop bad work is the only power a creative director really has, and boasts that his office was called the “quake zone” because of the fear he […]

For Writers, Reality Shows Are Just Sweatshops

Not ad-related, but amusing for creative people, nonetheless. From the CBC: Hollywood writers have sued Fox Broadcasting and a reality show production company, charging them with violating California’s labour laws covering wages, overtime and meal breaks. The production company is Rocket Science Laboratories, maker of Joe Millionaire, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, and other well-known […]

Media Planners Elbow In On Creative

John January at American Copywriter points to Business Week writer, David Kiley’s latest blog entry on Brand New Day. The piece suggests TV spots ought not run more than two to three weeks, based on MediaCheck research. Given the average 30-second spot costs $400,000 to produce, this new piece of data will be a hard […]

Old Matchbooks Strike A Chord

Flickr user, Olivander, shares a set of classic matchbook covers. By the way, the reuben sandwich was likely invented at Omaha’s Blackstone Hotel (pictured above).