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American Express Loses Its Mojo

In The New York Times: The American Express Company said yesterday that it would make changes to a campaign about Andy Roddick losing and finding his “mojo” after his first-round defeat at the United States Open tennis tournament. George Parker over at AdScam doesn’t mince words about the whole thing: Having invested several gazillion dollars […]

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Advertising Takes It On The Chin

The above graphic is being used to promote the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s upcoming conference and new blog. And while it’s beyond obvious that advertising is a target of much scorn from just about every corner these days, is it not paradoxical that a group advocating one form of advertising is degrading the category […]

The Push To Truly Embrace Interactivity

Saatchi & Saatchi UK chairman and CEO, Lee Daley, appeared on a CNN program the other day. Here’s a clip: CNN: How will advertising be different in a decade? Daley: I think the advertising industry as a whole will change very dramatically because of the change in the media universe. The advertising industry has grown […]

Bee Stings Bank

BBC: A Barclays bank advert showing a man suffering a bad reaction to a bee sting has been withdrawn for causing offence and distress to people with allergies. More than 290 viewers complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), saying the TV commercial made light of a potentially fatal condition. The bank, which withdrew the […]

They Put Leo’s Name On The Door Again

Leo Burnett once gave a speech entitled “When To Take My Name Off The Door.” Today, as Adweek reports, the Leo Burnett name is going up one more time–in Detroit. Leo Burnett Detroit is the agency which used to be called Chemistri. Chemistri was the agency that used to be called D’Arcy Detroit. D’Arcy Detroit […]

Go Ahead And Sleep In

Podcasting News reports on Purdue University’s launch of BoilerCast (a play on Boilermakers), a podcasting service that provides lectures in streaming format or as downloads. “Many universities are experimenting with podcasting, but I’m not aware of any other university that is deploying a podcasting service on the scale that we are,” says Michael Gay, manager […]

Queen Of Pop Checks Herself

The Telegraph: They have been used to sell everything from washing powder to New Labour. But now it seems that even Madonna has woken up to the power of focus groups. The most successful female artist in chart history has chosen songs for her next album after secretly trying them out on nightclubbers. The tunes, […]