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Seems Like Everyone’s, Uh, Hanging Out At Cannes This Year

Check out Ad Age’s photo diary from Cannes. But if you’re looking for diversity, you won’t likely find it in this crop of photos. Cannes just seems like a haven for middle-aged white people. Seriously, though, are the so-called “leaders” of the ad industry too far removed from the real audiences of ads? Would any […]

More Branding By The Book

New York Daily News: First-time author Alison Pace managed to get Theory to bankroll a series of book parties for her book If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend after sending the upscale clothing line a copy of the first chapter, “A Girlfriend in Theory Only.” The chapter was an homage to her favorite pair of […]

Aussies Know Proper Way To Open Beer

Johnnie Moore spoke to Liam Mulhall, a co-founder of Blowfly Beer, via Skype last night. Today he makes the conversation available as a podcast. Here’s a quick look at the brewer’s rather unique pitch. It’s an Open Source beer company. You drink it, you own it! We’re about making sexy premium beer. You decide what […]

Coca-Cola Forced To Play Nice In Europe

USA Today: The European Union said Wednesday that it reached an agreement with Coca-Cola that allows the world’s largest soft-drink maker to escape a fine but puts restrictions on its sales practices in Europe. Under the deal, the Atlanta-based company will no longer be able to strike exclusive arrangements with stores and cafes in Europe […]

A Grand Prix Can’t Hide The Flaws In The Recording Industry’s Thinking

According to Ad Age, TBWA/Paris Boulogne-Billancourt reinforced its already strong reputation as a hotbed of creativity in the Canes Lions print category by winning the Grand Prix for a beautiful and compelling campaign against music piracy for client EMI.


Word of Mouth Marketing Association wants some good press for their upcoming conference in Chicago. So much so, they’re willing to offer AdPulp readers $50 off the conference fee

Below The Line Marketing. Way, Way, Below The Line.

As long as you’re in a book buying mood, I have one to recommend as well. Every so often, a marketing book comes along that captures precisely what’s going on at the moment–the “zeitgeist,” if you will. We Know What You Want: How They Change Your Mind by Martin Howard is a fascinating overview of […]

Branding By The Book

Written by retired Publix vice president of human resources Joe Carvin, A Piece of the Pie takes readers on a journey through customers’ experiences at Publix. It also highlights associates’ experiences in making shopping a pleasure for customers. “A Piece of the Pie” is now available for $9.95 in all Publix stores.