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Beer Breath Enters The Tube

from Promo Magazine: Procter & Gambles’ Crest is on the road with a giant tube of toothpaste rolling across America. The Crest Imagine Tour is making stops at major events including food and music festivals, vacation destinations, major cities and other venues where visitors can step into the toothpaste tube-Crest Whitening Plus Scope-to use brushing […]

Netflix Knocks Out One Challenger

from Associated Press: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is turning over its online DVD rental business to Netflix Inc., signaling that the world’s largest retailer couldn’t beat the Internet upstart at its own game. Shares of Netflix surged after the agreement was announced Thursday, rising $4.38, or 28 percent, to $19.88 in pre-market trading. Wal-Mart is offering […]

Cure Us With An Injection Of Mad Money

At times, it’s hard to tell if eBay is a ribald joke or a fantastic business. Today is another one of those times. Buy an award-winning advertising agency – office supplies AND creative staff. Highest bidder wins a box of fairly new office materials as well as incredibly motivated, often provocative and always high-concept group […]

The Fix Is In

Mark Wnek, writing yesterday in The Independent had this to say: The number of people in or around the ad business spouting about the future “beyond advertising” etc etc is climbing up to the thousands. In most cases these people are either commentators with no fiscal attachment to the accuracy of their predictions; people from […]

Morgan Stanley Is A Great Company. (Now Will They Buy Ads On AdPulp?)

According to this article on Ad Age, brokerage firm Morgan Stanley has issued a directive to immediately pull all advertising from any publication that prints negative stories about the company. The complicity between advertisers and the press is nothing new, but making overt demands like this isn’t going to make the MSM (mainstream media) any […]

What Up With Porn Creep

According to Wikipedia, “porn creep” is the process by which sexually explicit content infiltrates American pop culture. Many people blame (or credit) the abundance of sexual imagery and innuendo in movies, television and advertising on the increased accessibility and “cool factor” of pornography. American Apparel, which has many otherwise redeeming qualities as a company, has […]

On Obsessive Consumption

What do you do if you’re an artist deluged by consumer imagery in a society obsessed with money, goods and the like? If you’re Kate Bingaman, you work with it. You make art out of it. You have fun with it. Wear Kate’s debt! Here’s a take from her Artist Statement: People identify themselves with […]

Where’s The Love?

Brand loyalty is normally something that’s earned over time, but that’s not the case when one is on the payroll of a given packaged goods company. Having worked on the Coors business for several years, I was made acutely aware of the necessity of drinking Coors anywhere near my coworkers, or the client. To do […]