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Little Oscar Survives Big Scare

Madison, WI almost banned the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. The city council

Product Placement Becomes Theatre

Ad Age reports that as part of a product placement deal in Broadway’s Sweet Charity, playwright Neil Simon approved a script change to promote Gran Centenario tequila.

I’m Sorry, Mr. Big’s In A Meeting. Can I Take A Message?

Ad Guy #1: Hey, I know. Let’s meet. Then we can spend two hours making doodles while looking busy. Ad Guy #2: Excellent! Cartoon courtesy of Hugh MacLeod.

Pepsi CFO Given The Finger By Rabid Bloggers

Steve Rubel points to a p.r. story where a group of patriotic bloggers (with nothing better to do), got their panties in a wad over a metaphor used by PepsiCo’s CFO to describe America’s central position in the world. A message from PepsiCo’s President & CFO, Indra Nooyi: Following my remarks to the graduating class […]

U2 Says No To $23,000,000 (To Maintain The Integrity Of A Favorite Song)

Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune music critic, spoke with Bono last week, at Bono’s request. The rock icon wanted to clear the air about several issues he had with Kot’s writing about his band. In the midst of the discussion, Bono said he’s proud of U2’s association with Apple, but points out that U2 turned down […]

Technology Tuesday

We are looking to do an informal poll for our first Technology Tuesday column, mainly to gauge the level of usage of a couple key web-technologies. 1. Is your firm utilizing Blogs, either internal or external? And if you are an agency, are your clients utilizing Blogs? 2. Is your firm or your clients using […]

MacGregor Golf Selects New Agency. Again. And Again. And Yet Again.

Congrats to Dailey & Associates, who have just won the MacGregor Golf account. But don’t get too comfortable, fellas. This story wouldn’t have piqued my interest except for the fact that I was an intern at an Atlanta agency in 1995 when it had the MacGregor account. And I remember it was a short-lived affair, […]

OnStar’s Radio Spots

First, I don’t listen to much radio these days – a fortunate side effect of a 7 minute commute – but it seems that nearly every single day I manage to be in the car at the right time to hear an OnStar spot. These are the spots using the original audio (or perhaps recreated?) […]