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Blurring The Line Even Further

from New York Post: NBC hopes to turn “Must See TV” into “Must Buy TV.” The Peacock Network says it will start offering products for purchase that are seen on some its top shows like “Will and Grace” and “Las Vegas.” Among the items may be the pink pajamas with turquoise polka dots worn by […]

Audio Content To Go

Yet another new marketing term has entered the lexicon: Podcasting. I admit, I had no clue what it meant, at first. I also admit that I do not own an iPod–I know, bad form for an Apple evangelist. Now, Steve Rubel kindly makes things clear for those who want the scoop on this new audio-gathering […]


The Poetry Center of Chicago and corporate sponsor Lightology are bringing poetry to the masses this holiday season, with an outdoor board located at the corner of Chicago and Wells. Chicagoist reports that the poem, “Farewell,” is by Chicago poet Li-Young Lee. He wrote it specifically for the occasion, “a non-commercial message Chicagoans could look […]

You Want ROI? Here You Go.

from Lewis Lazare: Though the ad industry itself is in a bit of the doldrums here in Chicago, the business of advertising still packs a wallop in terms of its economic impact locally, according to a new study by Global Insight on behalf of the Advertising Coalition. The coalition is made up of nine advertising […]

Suspicions Confirmed: We’re A Bunch Of Stiffs

from The Independent: Viewed from commercial America, British advertising looks like something bent out of shape by a culture so consumed with embarrassment it can’t look a salesman in the eye when he’s making a pitch, particularly if that pitch is laden shoulder high with emotion – love of country, family or God. From a […]

Point-Of-Sale Gains Sex Appeal

from The New York Times: Steven Gilliatt, president of G2 Worldwide, a leading brand development and design consulting company in New York, recently had an up-close-and-personal demonstration of the increasing power of eye appeal in retailing. “I was buying an iPod a couple weeks ago and there was a feeding frenzy at the store,” Mr. […]

Redefining “The Company Car”

from Fast Company Now: Hyperion, a software company, announced this week that employees who purchase a Toyota or Honda hybrid (or any other vehicle that gets more than 45 miles per gallon) over a gas-guzzler will be reimbursed $5,000. Given that Hyperion aims to reimburse about 200 of their 2,500 employees each year, this adds […]

Yo, Chill With All The Sales Promotions

from AdAge: The chief executive of WPP Group, Martin Sorrell, told the Credit Suisse Conference today that 2004 “was a relatively good year.” Speaking in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel, Mr. Sorrell kicked off the “Media and Telcom Week” gathering with his 8 a.m. presentation. He also predicted that the advertising industry’s expansion […]