10 Reasons to Try a Website Analysis Report Since Your Website Is Not Performing

A lot of websites are created and then left to operate without review. While many websites perform just fine, it is the websites that are constantly audited that eventually return a higher ROI to the owner. A thorough website analysis report can tell you a lot about your website, including errors that are costing you conversions. Even if you don’t feel your website needs a review, consider why some of the biggest websites on the Internet do quarterly reviews.

They’re Inexpensive
Some analysis reports can be costly, but there are some out there that aren’t. In fact, some companies will offer free analysis reports as part of their membership. If cost is an issue, consider the amount of money you might be wasting not analyzing your site. Errors, poor performance or improper search engine optimization can cost your business hundreds (if not thousands) annually.

They’re Thorough
A website review is thorough and looks at multiple areas. A typical website analysis report will cover areas like search engine optimization, readability, performance, content, navigation and organization, etc. The points a review goes over are things that can take the average website owner days to complete.

They Review Your SEO
Search engine optimization is critical for your website. By using the right keywords and phrases on your site you tell search engines how to index your site. Then, when a user searches based on the keywords you’ve integrated into your website, he or she is directed to your business via the search engine results page.

A thorough analysis can review your website’s use of SEO. It can make sure you’re using the proper techniques based on the latest search engine releases (such as Google’s Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird updates) and can also make sure you’re not committing any black hat SEO tactics. With the right analysis you can see what keywords are working best for your website and what keywords aren’t driving much traffic.

They Find Critical, Technical Errors
Technical errors can hurt your website’s conversion rate. Issues like page errors, dead links, or images that don’t load might turn potential buyers away. A website analysis report looks for these technical errors on your website. They can find errors in your shopping carts, checkout pages and even your blog that are hindering your website and business performance.

They Analyze Your Website Performance
Technical errors can ruin a website, but so can performance issues. Slow-moving pages or poor-quality graphics deter customers from making purchases. Because Internet users are shopping online for convenience and speed, they often will leave a website if it doesn’t perform to their standards. It’s crucial you identify performance issues and fix them right away not only for your conversion rate, but for your brand’s reputation as well.

They’re Unbiased
As a website owner you’ve built your business and site; therefore, you have a biased attachment to your products. A website analysis report is unbiased and takes an objective look at your site. This is important for identifying issues. After all, what you might think is fine a review can prove is turning customers away.

An in-depth website analysis report is something every website owner should conduct. Whether you have an ecommerce site, blog or you just operating landing pages, knowing how your domain is performing helps save you time and money in the long run. As you improve your website you should also conduct a review to make sure your changes still benefit your site. Over time you can improve your site’s functionality and usability — which might give your conversion rate a hearty increase as well.

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