Zipatoni To Show New Biz Specialist The Money

Bag us our next client and you’re hired.
Before you count your chickens here are a few things you need to know.
1. It

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  1. Does that seem pathetic to anyone else? If I could win the business of a $5m client, I’d keep the business for myself.

  2. I think it’s an innovative way for a promo agency to showcase their thinking–in a promotion designed to win new business.
    Keeping the business for yourself sounds good. But to service such an account, one needs a team. If you’re just a guy with a great Rolodex, you may or may not not have that team at your disposal.

  3. As a person who interviewed with Zipatoni for an account service position a couple months ago, I find this interesting. It reminds me of a time just out of college when I interviewed with Prudential. They were looking for candidates who had a lot of friends, frat brothers and relatives who they could sell their services to. In other words, they seemed like they were more interested in my contacts than me. If I had been able to bring in $5 million in billings at my last company, I would never have been laid off. Interesting concept, though.