Zeus Jones Puts Sticky Eyeballs Concept Out of its Misery

I think we can all agree that agency websites suck. Ad peeps claim to know how to make them for clients, but when it’s their turn to step up, they choke.
Minneapolis agency, Zeus Jones however, did not choke. They bunted. But that’s not bad when the point is to get on base.
The shop’s home page is simple. It’s merely a map to the content they’ve created that exists elsewhere on the inters. If you want a capabilities presentation, hit up their Slide Share page. If you want to see how they think, there’s a blog. And so on…
I found their list of goals on 43 Things to be particularly telling. For instance, Zeus Jones wants to “always add something new to culture,” “invent the next form of media,” “inspire a generation of business leaders” and “bring out the best in people.”

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  1. *YAWN*
    Too much talk. Where’s the action ZJ?