Zen and the Art of Account Service

Here’s a great piece of dialogue from this week’s episode of Mad Men:

Sterling: Wasn’t even on the (org) chart. My name’s on the wall out there. I like to think I’m rich, they can’t hurt me.
Cooper: That’s a mistake.
Sterling: I’m being punished for making my job look easy. Although, that kid Guy, he has a spark. He is a pure account man.
Cooper: And what is that job all about?
Sterling: I don’t know. It’s about listening to people and never saying what’s really on your mind.
Cooper: No. It’s about letting things go, so you can get what you want.

This guy, Cooper, he knows things.

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  1. Watched that episode and remember thinking, “That’s so true.” Smart dialogue and great look at the ad biz in its heyday.