Y&R’s New Creative Leader On Reinvention And Other Topics

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  1. Reinventing brands within an agency? There hasn’t been any! Now he wants to “experiment” on a real brand?! Y&R is, was, has been and will continue to be as much of a creative and strategic commodity product as the rest of Madisoon Avenue.

  2. I enjoyed his commentary on weeding out the cynics. Given that I am one, I don’t see myself working for Y&R anytime soon.

  3. Funny how he mentioned that change is being shown by the people running for president, as they represent three types often held back on Madison Avenue: African Americans (Obama), Old People (McCain) and Women (Clinton). Although Granger’s got the key characteristic to succeed in the business: a foreign accent.

  4. People building careers with award-show winning ads that never even ran when the rest of the work is shite. I think that’s a healthy cause of cynicism.