You’re Invited To Steve’s iPad

In advance of today’s product announcement from Apple, Forbes spoke to some people in the ad biz to get their take on what the iPad means for marketers.
Jeremy Lockhorn, director of emerging media at digital agency Razorfish, believes the iPad will enable richer interactive experiences. “When viewing an episode of TV’s Mad Men, for example, consumers could tap on objects, such as Don Draper’s hat, to get more information about the items and where to buy them.”
David Berkowitz, senior director of emerging media and innovation at interactive agency 360i, can see the return of stale formats like catalogs and circulars. “Everything has the potential to be more interactive,” he says.
All because you can touch the screen. The idea of a separate, non-integrated keyboard and mouse or trackpad setup seems so 20th century all of a sudden.

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  • big time apple fan

    it means my grandchildren won’t get scoliosis from carrying a too heavy backpack to school one day. do you people get it? or do you only see marketing marketing marketing.
    iSlate was the biggest hint.
    steve the humanitarian. everybody sees him as a ceo. i see something different..