You’re As Good As Your Last Video

In this dawning age of online video, brand consultant and blogger Ben McConnell, by his own admission, is an old laggard.

You are either old or a laggard if you aren’t producing video-based content on a regular basis. Right now, that makes me an old laggard.
A job title of the future for marketing departments is Video Producer. Like a news producer at a television station, she decides every day what’s worth covering at the company and produces a short video segment for YouTube, the company blog or even the company intranet.
Telling your company’s ongoing story on a daily or weekly basis via online video is looking a lot like the future of marketing and advertising.

And DIY shorts like the popular series from Man Vs. look to be the future of narrative entertainment.

Online Videos by
Then there are shows like Viral, which look to be the future of entertainment news. And so on…

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  1. When I get really old, I hope my walker comes with a wireless video screen attached.

  2. I sent David Burn one of my first videos. He smiled and said it was good, and I ought to put it on my blog. Nothing became of that except maybe some asian chick putting clothespins on her face on YouTube.