Your Space Alone Doesn’t Define You, But It Is A Big Part Of The Brand Experience

I like how Phoenix ad agency, Moses Anshell, displays their offices. Because one’s work environment, particularly in advertising, says something important about the agency.

I also like how the agency uses copy to describe the interior and exterior spaces.


It’s a fact. Every cool agency has one of these. We can’t put our finger on why it’s so important to have an overpass, it just is. The industrial vista is the crowning glory of classic “I’m up here, you’re down there” architecture. It allows higher-ups to walk over minions and, in mere footsteps, say “I’m watching me.” Someday, man. Someday.

Situated in the heart of downtown Phoenix in a renovated warehouse, Moses Anshell is the only Arizona agency to win a Clio Award. It has six.

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  1. Trendy offices are to ad agencies as outlandish outfits are to Lady Gaga. It’s all about image.