You’d Think Apple Could Use iTunes For Their On-Hold Music

I’ve been dealing with a dead Mac for a few days (not their fault–it’s my abusive relationship with my Powerbook that caused it.) I spent about 10 minutes on hold when I called Apple’s Technical Support hotline. During that time, the on-hold music was, and I kid you not, “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips and some other song I’d never heard before called “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day.”
That’s just plain wrong. It reminded me of The Simpsons episode where Maggie goes missing, Homer calls the missing child hotline and they play “Baby Come Back” by Player while he’s on hold.
I love Apple, but they can do better than that with the on-hold music. Especially now that they’ve got iTunes at their disposal.

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  1. Once upon a time, I worked on the Muzak account and wrote a brochure for “Marketing On Hold,” a service Muzak provides to businesses. And it’s not all elevator music. Muzak knows how to rock. So, if Apple can’t rock iTunes on hold, they can at least rock Muzak.

  2. arumski says:

    you were lucky mate. I’ve been on hold for the past 25 minutes listening to a 45 second loop that sounds like it was composed on one of those dinky Casio keyboards that I got for christmas when i was 7!

  3. I am an apple tech and I have to call apple all the time! The hold music is horrible!! It has been that way for years… out of tune AM radio sounding junk. You would think that an advanced company like Apple would have something much

  4. I am amazed that one of the most advanced companies in the world uses this on-hold music crap. If Tim Cook had to listen to it for 30 minutes I bet something would be done about it. Why does corporate America think forcing people to listen to loud, distorted, irritating music is a good idea. I would expect more out-of-the-box thinking form Apple.