You Just Stepped On A Landmine

There are a multitude of social, environmental and economic problems facing the human species today. One can take their pick. Famine, war, heating of the polar ice caps…

BBDO/Singapore is rightly concerned about the six million landmines in Cambodia, hidden devils that take down elephant and man at an alarming rate.

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  1. Elephants are very special anmials and if people would not be so greedy to take what does not belong to them,they would be better off. They are taking the ivoy from these elephants and this is wrong killing the elephants for ivory to sell so that they can make money. These elephants are here on this earth for a purpose just as we are, and the can do a lot things that man can’t do because they are strong creatures and can lift a tone man can lift also but he has to be careful not to hurt or pull a muscel or pull is back out.
    Please save our elephants becasue they are very special creasures.