You Don’t Need To Be A Winner To Be A Winner

Team value in millions
1. L.A. Lakers $510
2. New York Knicks $494
3. Dallas Mavericks $374
4. Houston Rockets $369
5. Chicago Bulls $368
6. Detroit Pistons $363
7. Phoenix Suns $356
8. Philadelphia 76ers $342
9. Boston Celtics $334
10. Sacramento Kings $330
Apparently, owning the real estate you play in and playing in a big market builds market valuation. According to the Forbes report, three of the most valuable teams–No. 1 Los Angeles Lakers, No. 2 New York Knicks and the Bulls–have ownership interests in their buildings. The bottom three teams–the No. 27 Orlando Magic, No. 28 Seattle SuperSonics and No. 29 Milwaukee Bucks–play in smaller markets and also lease their buildings.
source: Chicago Tribune

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