You Can Put A Price On Exclusive Niche Content That Helps People Do Their Jobs

Miles Galliford, co-founder of SubHub, a company that makes it easy to build a membership site and charge for access to premium content, says, the number one reason that people pay for content is because they can’t get the information they need elsewhere for free.
Writing on Marketing Profs, Galliford argues: “Successful membership websites tend to be run by people deeply immersed in their subject, and they have access to certain sources, background knowledge, and informed opinion that creates sustainable advantage and value.”
He then points to BeerNet (and several other sites) which provides news, rumors, and job listings to US beer distributors. The target audience is less than 2,500 individuals, yet the site, through subscriptions and ancillary revenues–selling reports, running events, etc.–generates a seven-figure income.

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