You Can Punish Your DieHard Battery, It Won’t Mind

Y&R Chicago continues to update the classic DieHard Battery campaign.

YouTube user, Turbo617, rips this new spot starring English musician Gary Numan to little bits.

Another totally pathetic demonstration from DieHard. Lets debunk this one too, shall we?
Car horn- 5 amps
Headlights, high beams- 30 amps
12 florescent lamps- 45amps
Keyboard- 5 amps
1 car starter- 150 amps
TOTAL- 45amps continuous, 85 amps intermittent, and 195amps peak´╗┐ over 45 seconds.
All this on a 250 CCA battery. AT PEAK, it was drawing only 65% of its capacity. Also once the first car was started it’s alternator was providing the amps to start the other cars and each car helped the next.

I would say Turbo617 is so literal. But literal is pretty much the whole point of these demo spots, so I won’t say that.
Here’s another new one (soon to be debunked by a ballistics expert):

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