You Want Hockey Ads? Pass The Puck To The Team From Minnesota

A professional sports franchise is a local favorite, but not necessarily a local brand. Depending on the team, the brand may indeed be a global brand like Manchester United or the New York Yankees.

So it should come as no surprise that The Phoenix Coyotes went outside their home market to hire Minneapolis-based Fallon.

Rich Nairn, senior communications director for the Coyotes, told Phoenix Business Journal the Fallon pick is not a knock on local talent.

“There are a lot of good local agencies in the Valley but we just felt that Fallon had the necessary experience and resources to help us achieve our goals,” Nairn said.

The Coyotes are looking to improve their attendance, sponsorships and suite sales, after averaging just under 12,200 fans per game last season, 29th out of 30 NHL teams.

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  1. A better start “to improve their attendance, sponsorships and suite sales” might be moving out of Phoenix. Why sports leagues, especially hockey, believe that they must have 30 teams in every major/mid-major market is beyond me.