Yo, It’s Pronounced SIGH-on

from USA Today: Toyota started its Scion division from scratch to aim straight at the teens and twentysomethings of Generation Y, roughly those born after 1977.
To attract Gen Y’s attention, Scion created a traveling art show featuring works by artists with names such as Buff Monster and Stay High 149. Gordon Wangers of Automotive Marketing Consultants, which did some of the outreach for Scion, says his “tattooed, pierced and dreadlocked crew” held test-drive events in front of popular restaurants, clubs and record stores.
Like other automakers, Scion has embraced music as a way of getting through. In Scion’s case, that meant creating an alternative record label for such bands as the Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra.
It also takes part in Hot Import Nights, a festival of cars and music that has proved to be a showcase for several automakers.
Toyota’s tactics seems to be working. When Gen Y consumers are asked to name the brands they will consider for their next new car purchase, Scion rocketed from 30th place last year to ninth place today, says Rick Wainschel of Kelley Blue Book.

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