Yet Another Facebook Story: Wasted Clicks

For those of us living out on the bleeding edge of social media, Facebook is so 2007. But that’s not true for millions of our less-hyperlinked peers.
Take Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times, for instance. She has a new Facebook profile, but she’s not happy about it.

That journalists have to put themselves in this virtual marketplace makes me a little sad. It just seems phony.
It feels like we are scuffling Baby Boomers trying to keep up with Generations X, Y and Z.
I’m still one of those people who looks a person in the eye when I’m talking. Really, it irks me to no end to have a conversation with someone who is fiddling with his or her BlackBerry.
The truth is, we should savor the moment we feel a connection with someone that leads to a genuine friendship.
Those moments don’t come around too often.
Frankly, what I’ve learned over the years is that a couple of true friends can help you get through anything.
It won’t be easy jumping into this new world of make-believe.

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