Yet Another Facebook Story: Republican Army Crashes The Wrong Party

Facebook is no good.
Need proof? Just read this lurid copy from across the pond.

Gatecrashers turned a schoolgirl’s 16th birthday party into a riot – after she advertised it on the Facebook website.
Georgina Hobday’s £1million town house was ransacked by yobs.
Among the trouble-makers were a 20-strong gang called the Facebook Republican Army, who scour websites looking for teenage parties.
Yesterday Georgina’s mother, Sylvia, said: “It was an absolute horror show. I will never have a party for my daughter again.
Sylvia, who works for an advertising agency, and her husband Michael, a professor at Sussex University, had given permission for Georgina to invite 100 guests and left four adult friends in charge while they went out.

Ad Age and Brand Republic also have details on this breaking story.
I wonder if Zuck & Co. wouldn’t benefit by sending the aggrieved a crisp check for the damages, said to reach $7400 in this instance. Legally, it’s a horrible idea, but it would send a message that callous thugs who party will not be tolerated inside the Facebook tornado.

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  1. what’s a yob?

  2. slang term for an uncouth blue collar individual or thug
    also, a doom metal band from Eugene, Oregon