Yet Another Facebook Story: Sliding To Success

The Wall Street Journal has an article this morning about banner blindness on soc nets and steps companies are taking to be seen in these environments. One example I took note of was Slide’s Facebook “Top Friends” campaign.

Slide, which sells programs that people can use to decorate their pages on sites such as Facebook, has launched campaigns with advertisers including Energy Brands’ Glaceau Vitaminwater and Estée Lauder.
One campaign lets Slide users send virtual representations of different-flavored bottles of Vitaminwater to friends online through an application called “Top Friends.” In eight days, Slide says, users sent 10 million “bottles” of Vitaminwater.

I just installed the application. If the Vitaminwater campaign is still up and running, I’ll report back.

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  1. Deep Focus wasn’t given credit, but we collaborated with the fine folks at vitaminwater to make this success so.

  2. Hi Ian,
    Thanks fort the low down. Can you point to any samples of this campaign? Or send us something to post here?