Yes It’s Cold, Good For You Coors Light

Beer that’s too cold loses its flavor. Of course, in this case that’s mostly a good thing.

What’s not a good thing is an out-of-home board that points to small type that can not be read from a moving motor vehicle. I know the headline covers it, but still, there’s nothing to like here from the strategy down to the execution.

Note: I used to work on Coors at The Integer Group. I’m not wanting to grind any rusty axes, I just want to see better work from a beverage brand with this kind of reach.

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  1. Phil maddox says:

    They say one to two glasses of wine a day is good for the heart ( natural blood thinner } I am not a wine drinker! I do however like one or two coorslite’s. a day or every couple of days. I am on blood thinners do to a heart valve. Dr says wine is good but does not know about coors lite?