Yawn: Athletes Are Passionate About Winning; Ergo, They’re Attentive To Their Gear

Here’s a new ad from Dick’s Sporting Goods and its new agency, Anomaly. Sadly, it is like so many other ads in its category, a fact which makes the big PR punch up from the client (see below) hard to believe.

According to Ad Age,Chief Marketing Officer Lauren Hobart said, “We really feel like what’s coming through in this work is unique to Dick’s. The myriad of different products and brands represented throughout, that alone makes it unique, something people haven’t seen before.”

Ad Age also notes that the client conducted an in-depth brand-positioning exercise about seven months ago. They went shopping with more than 100 consumers, talked to athletes and interviewed Dick’s employees. They found that Dick’s is viewed as providing an unbiased perspective on equipment and products.

How that insight matches up with the spot we just watched, I can’t say.

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  1. Dickhead says:

    If the retailer wants to gain credibility and respect, they should really change their brand name.

  2. A breakfast cereal at the end would not have been out of place. Or Thousand Island Ranch. What a waste of money. It’s sad that advertising has ruined pro sports for me.