Phone Finders

Yahoo is making headlines this morning, as the portal seeks to reach beyond the desktop and “own” a sizeable piece of mobile search.
According to Info World:

The company is offering to help publishers retool their content so it can be accessed through Yahoo oneSearch, Yahoo’s mobile search service for consumers. It is also launching a mobile advertising network that will serve syndicated ads beside the publishers’ content.
Mobile phone users are unlikely to relish the idea of more ads on their phones. But Yahoo said the services will increase the content available to them, which includes local business listings, TV programs and games.
Yahoo has only three publishers in its ad network today but it plans to add more in the coming months. The first are MobiTV, which provides TV and music services; go2, which provides local business listings, and Opera Software, the Norwegian browser company.

The article points out that Google is also busy rolling out new services for mobile phones. On Monday, it announced a service that lets users retrieve flight information via SMS. The information is provided by

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