Xerox and Wired Invest In Mass Customization

In its April issue, Wired magazine, in partnership with Xerox, invited subscribers to upload their photographs to The first 5,000 who did so are now receiving their July issue with themselves as the cover art.
Not coincidentally, the editorial theme of the issue is the growing personalization of all things in cyberspace, and the headline over the photo is “You are here.”
And while the Xerox name is not on the covers themselves, the promotions and Web site made clear that the project depended on software from Xerox and the company’s iGen3 110 digital production press.
For another two months, anyone can upload a photo to, write a headline, and print a personalized cover, e-mail it to friends or post it on blogs or MySpace pages.
[via The New York Times]

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  1. I saw that and was thinking “what an odd promotion for Wired.”
    I mean it’s the sort of thing my kids would be into, getting an issue of say SI for Kids with their pictures on the cover.
    Seems a bit trite for WIred’s readership, but maybe not.