Working With, Not Against, Disorder

The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada and Saatchi and Saatchi Canada have launched a unique public service project to raise awareness about Tourette Syndrome. Over two years in the making, the @Random project has involved dozens of families affected by Tourette Syndrome, filmmakers, and other production industry partners to create an online documentary experience that is different every time you watch it.

To create the individual films, directors were paired up with the families to document their experience with the disorder. For families they couldn’t reach, CISCO Systems donated Flipcams which were mailed to these families so they could tell their stories as well. The project is comprised of over two dozen films, with stories coming from all across Canada, and as far away as the United States and Norway. The short films are housed at the @Random website, where they are randomly arranged to form a new documentary with every viewing.

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