Work In Retail, No Really, Work In Retail

Recruitment advertising isn’t the sexiest beast in Adland. Nevertheless, there is a continuing need for it, as people don’t always see jobs or industries in the best light.

For instance, what is the first thing you think of when you hear the word retail? Cash registers, bad lighting, Muzak and low hourly wages. Yet, retail is so much more than the store iteself, as we can see in this new short from The National Retail Federation and New York-based digital agency Rain.

NRF’s This is Retail microsite — where the above video is currently featured — makes a case for opportunity and long-term careers in the booming retail industry.

According to recent stats, the retail industry supports 42 million American jobs, and 44% of those are not in a sales position. Some of the jobs listed on NRF’s job board include VP of Sales and Marketing in Seattle, Merchandise Planner in San Francisco, Vice President of Public Relations & Corporate Communications in Dallas and Senior Marketing Analyst in St. Louis.

“With jobless rates for recent grads at historic highs, this is an opportune moment to drive traffic to the NRF job board,” says Rain Creative Director, Tim Whitney. “We can capitalize on the strong draw of the job board to get users into the microsite and interacting with other elements of the campaign.”

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  1. Nothing wrong with retail, just like there is nothing wrong with garbage man, cable man, plumber.

    What matters is that you find something that suits you. Even if you have to get a job for now, don’t be content with that job if you don’t like it.

    Keep training and looking until you are able to do the type of work that you enjoy! To do less is to sell yourself short on life.

    If you love fishing, learn about how fish live and become good enough to make a living taking people out fishing or something. I think we too often assume that we can’t make money in an enjoyable way.

    I tell you, you can. I love what I do, you should too.