Word of the Day: Granularity

In a Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) article about brands’ success with behavioral targeting, this little gem popped out.

“We’ve never been able to get to this level of granularity,” says John Vail, director of the interactive marketing group at Pepsi-Cola North America.

I know what granular means. It means powdery. As for this client-speak specimen, I have no idea.

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  1. I’ve heard it. A lot. It means “to incorporate even the smallest details.”
    As in “We’re really digging down to a granular level in understanding our audience. We know, for example, that in zip code 30306, the average heavy user of our tequila is 3.5 times more likely to hook up with a skanky woman on a Wednesday than on a Thursday.”

  2. so you suggest to the client that they sponsor skanky ladies nights on wednesday versus thursday?

  3. HJ, I think it depends on if the client wants hyper-targeted granular events and promotions to go with their granular research in order to be able to measure their ROI in as granular a method as possible. Which would enable the data in the PowerPoint deck that’s created for the post-mortem on-site tissue session to be quite, well, granular.