Wonkette Wins Again

Political blog Daliy Kos, the work of one partisan man, has been attracting some 400,000 readers a day, the size of a large daily newspaper. I’m all for it, but I wonder what Kos’s traffic will do now? On the other hand, I have no doubt that political humorist, Ana Marie Cox, will continue to be highly relevant since she busts on both sides with equal fervor.

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  1. Clyde Hogg says:

    Ms. Wonkette may be funny and off the wall, but she is anything but impartial. Read the blog on a daily basis for proof.

  2. Clyde Hogg says:

    Anna Marie Cox DOES have nice tits though. She shows them at every photo op.

  3. Our comments area is a public forum, but on a private site, which gives me, the editor, the right to say rage directed toward advertising is fine (to a degree). Directed toward women, even when masked as flirting, I don’t think so. Sorry, Clyde.

  4. Clyde Hogg says:

    Look at her photos.
    Not rage, or even disdain. Just true.

  5. I see your point.
    Do you see mine?
    Mine is that AdPulp is not a tavern, nor is it a boy’s club.