Wonder What’s Going On In The Kitchen? No Need.

To help launch Damico Kitchen & Osteria in the Chambers Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, Brew Creative placed cameras in the kitchen and streams the images live and uncut every night at damico-kitchen.com.
They’re also beaming the images to a massive screen in the courtyard of the hotel, which is visible to traffic, and pedestrians along Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis’ busiest thoroughfare.
Regarding this so-called “culinary voyeurism,” Richard D’Amico, president and chief executive at D’Amico & Partners, an owner and operator of 25 restaurants, told Stuart Elliott of The New York Times, “It’s a new day of marketing. Everybody is trying to figure it out.”

Elliott also notes that Brew Creative’s partners, Bruce Bildsten and Michelle Fitzgerald, worked with D’Amico previously, when the two were at Fallon.

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