W+K’s Webula

Wieden + Kennedy launched a new agency website last Monday. Interestingly, the new site comes on the heels of Nike’s claim that the agency is not web savvy enough to get the job done for them.
Son Volt at W+K, Portland, 3/29/07
I haven’t spent much time with the site, as I just found out about it this morning thanks to Adfreak. But one thing that hit me right away is the site’s bloggregator, which imports blog entries from around the W+K network.
I’ve been reading the London office’s blog, Welcome to Optimism for some time, but until today I didn’t realize W+K Lunchbox, Wieden + Kennedy Studio or Think Global, Act Stupid existed. Now, I’m anxious to find time to look through all the content W+K is creating.
For instance, the agency just celebrated its 26th anniversary in style. The Beastie Boys played their Founders Day XXV party, to give you an idea of how these Portlanders roll. Via the Portland office’s Lunchbox Music Series, bands like The Rapture, Cut Chemist, Peter Yorn, Cold War Kids, Ladytron and Son Volt have also recently performed at W+K.
Briana Bononcini told The Portland Mercury, “the concept of Lunchbox is to bring emerging national acts to Wieden+Kennedy to play a four to six song set followed by a short Q&A. This gives bands an opportunity to showcase their songs for a crowd that not only is very receptive to new music, but also opens the opportunity that their songs could potentially be used in an advertising campaign.”

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  1. KarmaChameleonCopy says:

    WK/Portland loses Basketball to NY.
    They lose running to Crispin.
    Creature does the cool stuff for Starbucks. Portland picks up the slack with some print stuff they ripped off of Creature.
    A big hunk of coke goes to New York.
    They copy Mother’s Target wake-up campaign for their Nike wake-up campaign.
    They lose Fenske, Burne, make Folino the fall guy, make Curtis blackmail them for what he deserves and bring on more hacks, forcing out the genuine talent.
    Bring in the beastie boys.
    I hear they have some really wacky other stuff–INSIDE THE AGENCY ITESELF!

  2. skyview satellite says:

    All in one fell swoop I am suddingly tired of advertising, design, blogs, music and living in Portland. As a younger person I spent time in rural Oregon doing wildlife tracking for the forest service. Thanks for reminding me how great that was.

  3. KarmaChameleonCopy,
    You’ve got the goods. What happened to Fenske? I see from his blog he returned to Richmond recently.

  4. Well David: I don’t mean this in any flippant, assholery way, but…
    You should ask him.
    Comment his blog. Include your email. See what happens.
    Oh, and Skyview Satellite, I can appreciate your earnest reaction to the situation. But it feels manipulative. Why does “the world’s largest independant ad agency” (and presumably it’s employees) blog about All The Wonderful Non-Advertising Cool (-er-Than-Thou) Stuff they do everyday, bombard youtube with their highminded claptrap/genuinely interesting art-projects/self-promotion, and then refuse to stand up and defend themselves when someone questions their motives?
    Enough of this victim-roleplay emotional-jujitsu bullshit.
    Be a fucking man.

  5. Will do. Headed over there now.

  6. skyview satellite says:

    It appears as though you thought my comment was addressed to you. It wasn’t.

  7. ChameleonCopy says:

    Fenske has indeed returned to Richmond to continue his molding of young men (and women).
    Coincidentally, sales at Sine have tripled and the Guinness supply in town has been depleted.

  8. KarmaChameleonCopy says:

    That last comment wasn’t me.
    But I wouldn’t doubt a single word of it.
    Anonymity is a bitch. Especially when you’re asking someone to be a man. Who might be a woman. And apparently, might be someone who agrees that WK got some ‘splainin to do.