W+K’s Record Company

I know I already made one post about Wieden + Kennedy today, so I’ll have to beg your forgiveness for this one.
According to the agency’s Wikipedia entry:

In 2003, Wieden+Kennedy created W+K TokyoLab, a record label and creative workshop based out of the agency’s Tokyo office. Since 2003, W+K TokyoLab has released CD/DVD titles that combine music, graphics, and film. TokyoLab’s current roster features local hip-hop and electronic artists including Hifana, DJ Uppercut, Afra, and Takagi Masakatsu.

Wikipedia also reminded me about the existence of Wieden + Kennedy Entertainment, an entitiy that has created original content including Battlegrounds, an MTV2 series showcasing street basketball; Ginga, a documentary about Brazilian football players; and Road to Paris, documenting Lance Armstrong’s path to his third Tour de France victory in 2001.
Before I get too lost in all of W+K’s content plays, what’s this about agencies having Wikipedia pages? I love Wikipedia, but how can 100 or so agencies have a page on the site and not the remaining tens of thousands?

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  1. Good call on agency entries on Wikipedia, David. I wonder if any of the agencies in there have entered them themselves (against the wikilaws! bad!)?

  2. There’s also a write-up of the Tokyo Lab here:
    It looks like they’re doing some cool stuff.

  3. Excellent video. Thanks for the pointer.