Without Ego There Is No Genius

Randall Rothenberg dropped in on Peter Arnell and lived to tell his Ad Age readers about it.

Mr. Arnell has been unquietly unmaking the concept of marketing services ever since he burst into view in the late 1980s with such out-of-the-box ideas as fashion ads that didn’t feature the products, city-inspired in-store installations and architect-designed teapots.
It’s all of a piece. “Da Vinci, Jefferson, Michelangelo — where would they be on an org chart?” Mr. Arnell, characteristically bluff, told me recently in his book-lined office overlooking Prince Street in Soho. “Ben Franklin founded the post office, invented electricity, even created a typeface. What’s he?”

Since, Rotherberg leaves Arnell’s rhetoric unanswered, feel free to sound off in our comments.

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  1. Peter Arnell was responsible for getting Celine Dion to be a spokesdiva for Chrysler.

  2. And that fact alone should see him strung up by his “high & holies” in Times Square — com’n — did we really need to give Celine additional coverage?