With Ford’s Help, Fiesta Fans Tell Others Why They Love The Car

The Fiesta Project asked “real” people to find creative ways to put the 2011 Ford Fiesta to the test. See some of the results below.

I think it’s pretty clear that these spots are NOT classic consumer generated content. They’re better, because they’re collaborative efforts between consumers and the brand.

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  1. Jstfolha says:

    The woman in the Fiesta vs Lambo spot is an online personality and I’ve seen her on youtube a few times. Here is a link to her little video about the shoot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKnnJmcvql8&feature=related
    I’m a bit unsure where the line is between “real” people and regular people is but I know that these aren’t the kind of real people most people would think of when you told them.

  2. @Jstfolha – thanks for the additional info. the brand used the phrase “real people.” i should have been more thorough in my use of the term though, because it’s pretty clear these are real people who work as actors.