Wireless Leashes All the Rage

The other day we looked at the digital dive from an economic angle. In his latest column for Talent Zoo, Danny G. looks at the offline crowd through a different lens.

I recently became acquainted with a new couple. They’re upscale, college-educated folks, both in their early 40’s. She’s a nurse and he’s a home remodeler. Successful folks by any measure. Except for one major, tragic flaw: They’re not wired.
We need to keep in mind that there are still some jobs that don’t keep people chained to a desk and a computer all day. And they’re not all bricklayers or short-order cooks.
The same things we find so engaging about the web and other new technologies are the things others find so constricting–complexity, cost, incessancy, and the feeling of enslavement it all induces. Sometimes it gets to me, too. How did my wireless Internet connection become a leash?

Great fucking question. How did it?
And why aren’t we chewing through it?

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