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I thought I was frustrated with this business. But after a quick visit to The Rules of Stupid, I now see my gripes are inconsequential.
The blogger in question received this brief pitch from a recruiter:

Please send your portfolio to
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The lack of information and inherent assumptions therein made said blogger go ballistic.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I’m about fed up with self-absorbed, unprofessional, non-thinking advertising asshats. This guy, a LEAD recruiter for Enfatico, would be one of those. Ah, where to begin?
1. Here’s a good spot to begin. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Are you some super-special person I’ve never heard of who recently became Bill Gates or Ted Turner? Ooops. Can’t be Ted Turner. I’ve worked for him, and he would never do something as pretentious, non-productive, and completely unprofessional as send the email above. You must be Cardinal Richelieu come back from a past life. Since you seem so fond of barking out instructions without any benefit at the end for your personal slaves who are duty bound to fork over their life’s work.

There’s much more vitriol where that came from.

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