Will Salt Lake Let Its Freak Flag Fly?

proposed Salt Lake City flag by Steve Jerman
My friend Steve Jerman, a graphic designer in Salt Lake City, offers his hometown, “This clean, modern, simple design to reflect a city of similar values. The design is meant to convey the positive and progressive spirit of all the city’s current residents

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  1. Flutter flutter.

  2. Writing out the city/state/country name on a flag is cheating!

  3. To people that can’t read, they will never know.

  4. Bruno,
    I hear that.
    I think it would work equally well sans type.
    Thanks for the intelligent feedback.

  5. Actually, an all-white flag would be more appropriate, with some crossed skis in the top left corner. Maybe they should include some musical notes representing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and mini-bottles representing the state’s restrictive liquor laws.

  6. Absolutely brilliant. Clean, catchy, good colors and nice design.