Wieden’s Coke Spot Has Been Done Before

[via Tony Marin, who loves “catching advertising hacks in the act.”]

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  1. My guess is the creatives at W+K are horrified that they made an ad that is so similar. They have a lot pride over there.
    There’s a great piece by Malcolm Gladwell in which he proves that big ideas are not rare. http://bit.ly/c1EHhh The ideas are always out there in the air. This isn’t the first time two people had similar ideas.
    I’m sure it’s tough coming up with ideas for Coke that are somewhat pedestrian so they can get approved and still advance the brand in our culture.

  2. David,
    As we discussed today, it’s just a “Big Idea” problem except, unfortunately in this case, W+K seems to have borrowed the Big Idea from someone else..

  3. I might buy all the “coincidence” response if it weren’t for the music. But nah, no, nu-uh, nope; sorry.

  4. In China, if you’re 1 in 1,000,000, there are 100 people just like you.

  5. oh come on! the old “sleepwalking to fridge for irrestistible beverage” idea? please. that idea was average at best when i (and everyone else) presented it for Bud Light back in the mid-90s. the only sin here is WK presenting an idea this slack and generic in 2010.
    the only interesting thing is the music coincidence. and even that is the most over-used music in history.