Why People Hate Advertising: Reason 112

H&M’s desecration of The Flatiron Building
Thanks to Room 116 for the pointer.

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  • http://www.coonrod.net/outrage.htm John Coonrod

    After speaking with the Landmark Preservation Commission, I was informed on 30-March that:
    The Department of Buildings issued nine violations for the illegal
    advertising banner recently placed on the apex of the historic Flatiron
    Building at Madison Square today.
    The violations were:
    1. Failure to comply with filed plans. Plans called for a 4-foot high
    shed and they built it to 8 feet in order to accommodate the Citigroup
    2. Sign on surface area is too large.
    3. Prohibited advertising sign.
    4. Installing advertising sign without a permit.
    For the immense sign on the scaffolding:
    5. Sign creates hazardous wind load.
    6. Prohibited advertising sign on scaffold.
    7. Sign exceeds the 40-foot height limit.
    8. Surface area for the sign is too large.
    9. Failure to get permit from Buildings Department.