Why Make Ads When You Can Inspire Art Projects?

La Comunidad/Miami and Buenos Aires is producing 40 original art and video shorts for the pan-Latin American audience on behalf for Converse.

“Art has always been a great source of inspiration in our culture. This Converse project plays to our strengths as an agency, as it gave everyone in our three offices the chance to express themselves creatively and interact with great artists from all over the world,” said Co-Founder and Co-Chief Creative Officer of La Comunidad Jose Mollá. Brother and co-Chief Creative Officer Joaquin Molla added, “We believe the work will inspire Converse fans” and trigger their “creative sensibilities.”
The work will apprear on the brand’s Latin American websites: www.converse.com.mx (Mexico), www.converseargentina.com.ar (Argentina), www.converse.cl (Chile), www.converse.com.pe (Peru), and www.converseallstar.com.br (Brazil).
Some of the artists featured in the campaign include actor/director Gisele Elias Karam and illustrator Jorge Aldarete.

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