Why Ad Peeps Keep Anonymous Blogs

Agency Tart is an anonymous account executive at an anonymous agency in an anonymous city (probably NYC). Sometimes all this anonymity bugs me, but not this time.
Here’s her Independence Day finger in the eye:

Did you ask our permission to take off work this week? That’s what a client said when I told him on Monday that I would be out of the office Wednesday – Monday for a short vacation, but would be available by Blackberry. I snorted into the phone, laughing – but then realized the jackass was totally serious! He then proceeded to tell me that he expects me to clear it in advance with him any time I plan to take off, as it might not “coincide with the company’s needs”. You gotta be kidding me. While I’m gone, I’ll scour the souvenir shops looking for a device that will help him get his head out of his ass.

This time I just sit back and smile, knowing that 1) I could never be an account person and 2) whatever bullshit I’m dealing with at work is relatively minor compared to what some of us are faced with on a daily basis.

About David Burn

Co-founder and editor of AdPulp. I wrote my first ad for a political candidate when I was 17 years old. She won her race and I felt the seductive power of advertising for the first time. I worked for seven agencies in five states before launching my own practice in 2009. Today, I am head of brand strategy and creative at Bonehook in Portland, Oregon.


  1. Holidays are days that working people get off to crowd the places nonworking people go to on a daily basis. It’s vacation time. It’s probably gonna be a rough two weeks for the lazy people in the world while the busy people overcrowd their spaces.
    You all keep working to get that million or half milion saved up until you can retire comfortably, healthy, and active.

  2. Addicted to workohol says:

    I wouldn’t say this is an account service-only experience. Myself and many, many creatives i know have been forced to cancel vacations or work during their vacations by their bosses.
    And that’s pretty much the way it is in ANY line of work these days.
    That’s what happens when you have an American corporate culture that’s too stupid to think of any other way to be profitable beyond wringing their employees out like a wet rag.

  3. It’s always interesting that the same buffoon who wants all that attention can manage to pick the flyshit out of the pepper when it comes to accounting for the bill you send him.