Whoah, Social Bookmarking Icons

Social bookmarking is all the rage these days and AdPulp.com is a little late to the game. We’ve had some requests, and now we’ve answered. At the bottom of each post, you’ll see six links to add AdPulp.com content to social bookmarking services. If you like a particular post, have an account with one of the six, and want to share it with the world, give the link a click. You’ll help AdPulp.com grow and expose your fellow surfers to our site.

About Shawn Hartley

Creative technologist by day. Bowling instructor at night. VP at Corporate 3 Design in Omaha. Proud father and husband.

  • daveednyc

    Great idea, but do they have to take up that much real estate? Maybe just the icons or something. I’ve seen much less ntrusive ones on other blogs.

  • http://www.adpulp.com Shawn

    That is the plan. I put them up in their current fashion just to get them in place and will be modifying them to a more visually appealing format soon.

  • http://nabeel.typepad.com Nabeel Hyatt

    I like! How did you get them inserted into Typepad?

  • http://www.adpulp.com Shawn

    Nabeel –
    We’re running on Movable Type, not their hosted Typepad service.
    But drop me a line (email is on the homepage) and I’ll share my code.