Who Wears Plaid Anymore?

The agency formerly known as Plaid has been acquired by Source Marketing (an MDC Partners company) and is now known as Humongo.
Naturally, those formerly known as Plaid are very excited about the development, maybe a bit too excited:

Living proof that small is the new big, and that Humongo is the new ginormous. We built the greatest agency in the land to be nimble, smart and filled with awesomeness. And then we backed it up with the strongest marketing agency on the planet and the coolest network of agencies in the creative industry. No matter how gigantic your challenge, Humongo is here to save the day.

Friend of AdPulp, Bill Green, works with Humongo, so I want to be kind. But when I read copy like that, I have to ask, is Humongo an agency or a Super Hero? Of course, there are plenty of people who think confident copy is good copy.
UPDATE: Let’s hear from the Humongoids themselves…

Meet Humongo from Humongo on Vimeo.

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  1. So a creative shop is rebranding themselves and comes up with this piece of shit video to introduce their brand to the world?
    This is their best effort on showing me what they can do for my brand?
    Fuck off, please.