White Stripes Original To Sell Carbonated Sugar Water

NME: White Stripes singer Jack White has finally confirmed he’s done a Coca-Cola ad – and said he’s done it to get a message of love out to the world.
Speaking backstage in Paris on their European tour the singer confirmed that he has recorded a brand new, currently untitled track for the advert.
“I’ve been offered the opportunity to write a song in a way which interests me as a songwriter. I certainly wouldn’t want a song that I’d already written to be used on a commercial. That seems strange. I’ve written a song and I wrote it really quickly and it’s an interesting commercial that’s been made. I was inspired by the commercial.”

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  1. Too cool. Will the song be on the Walking With A Ghost single, or any other form? I’m a pretty big fan so it would be cool to have it.

  2. Give me a break, what about his indie roots? What about his artistic integrity? It’s so easy to fold to commercialism, why Jack why? This decision is a little disappointing to say the least. If the band needed the exposure and were really struggling, that would be one thing, but now? It doesn’t make sense. I should hope that the world, living on the edge as it does, isn’t poised on the ends of their chairs waiting for a commercial to ‘inspire’ them. Please, don’t validate something that inane- it’s so beneath you.