While HIPPOs Wallow

I loathe acronyms. Except this one: HIPPO.
According to Ad Age, Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Analytics Evangelist deploys the acronym in in front of hundreds of HIPPOs gathered to hear him speak.
A HIPPO, or Highest Paid Person’s Opinion, can be an obstacle to success on the web, argues Kaushik. Despite mounds of data, Mr. Kaushik thinks HIPPOs are the “least closest to the customer.”
Naturally, Google Analytics can help. “We want to be the company that really lives the spirit of accountable advertising,” he says.

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  1. Hi! I recently wrote a blog post all about how to influence your HiPPO. Which we all know, can be hard to do! Heres the link:
    Rich Page

  2. Thanks Rich.
    Since #3: Become an Office Politics Expert. ain’t gonna work for me, I’ll have to focus on the other options.