Where’s Huey?

Adweek reports on a new campaign fro the Atlanta Community Food Bank from Paprocki in Atlanta. But that’s not the news I want to share with you this fine morning. What jumps out at me is, “Where’s Huey?”

Paprocki opened his shop May 1 after splitting with his partner of seven years, Ron Huey. Together, they operated Huey/Paprocki in Atlanta. Huey also is opening a new shop in Atlanta this summer. The two split the agency’s assets and clients when they shuttered operations at the end of April.

Divorce is ugly. And these two had such a beautiful union, at least from afar.

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  1. Danny G says:

    Their agency never grew. They took on a handful of small clients and did award-show friendly work—well crafted and polished, but fairly unmemorable a few minutes after you see it. They could’ve been one of the best things that ever happened to Atlanta advertising, but it wasn’t meant to be.
    In the Adweek article you cite, it says that in the end, H/P only had 7 employees and $4million in billings. After 7 years of being business, that’s not much.